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Grant Funding & Partnering Services

Concept Development:

This will involve a number of ‘brainstorming’ meetings to define the concept that you want and will be attractive to the EU. We will use a number of tools to help identify auxiliary markets and alternative applications. Between meetings we will investigate the current state of the market, highlight any potential patent issues and define alternative development paths


Many of the European Union’s grant schemes require the research and development activity to be collaborative. There are rules on the make-up of a consortium which we will guide you through. We will ensure that the right team is put in place so that they deliver their part in your product development.

Proposal Writing

Once we have completed the above we will embark on the process of writing up an un-rejectable proposal. This will include structured workplans, broken down into detailed activities, defined work packages for each type of activity, specific deliverables and milestones related to each work package. We will create compelling arguments to show how this idea will improve European competitiveness, satisfy an urgent need amongst European organisations and achieve a rapid market penetration.

Private Equity Funding

European Innovation Network partnered up with number of European Venture Capital and Private Equity Houses to provide a much needed cash injection for start-up businesses (seed funding), for IPOs and M&As using Private Equity. Our partners seeks to invest into EU-based early stage companies whose businesses are focused around proprietary, highly scaleable, and disruptive technologies.


There are a number of key attributes that the Fund looks for in each business that it backs. Some of the most important characteristics that we look for are as follows:

Training Services

European Innovation Network (EIN) appreciates that the whole process of applying for European funding can be daunting and that the application can be a minefield. In order to maximise your opportunities it is imperative that you understand and undertake the correct approach to the process. EIN offers training seminars on all aspects of European funding, ranging from general advice on applications and how to complete the appropriate forms through to assistance on project management and reporting. Training courses run throughout the year. Places are limited and please contact us for more information.