A world-class innovation network to turn your ideas into reality. EIN are experts in FP7, TSB, Regional and International Funding Schemes. Private Funding or Public Funding. Access best of both worlds.

European Innovation Network (EIN)

Improving the growth and competitiveness of industry and business across Europe, European Innovation Network (EIN) is one of Europe's leading innovation and business support organisations. Based in Cambridge (UK), EIN inspires and enables clients to transform their products, business processes and people beyond the reach of their competitors.

With access to over 10,000 scientists, engineers, technologists and business specialists across all sectors, EIN has the vision and know-how to create genuine advantage for their clients in the form of bottom-line benefits.

How can you keep ahead of your competitors? The EU promote ‘innovation’ as part of the answer – and they give grants to companies to help their innovative developments.

We at European Innovation Network work closely with the EU and Goverment organisations to help SMEs and Large Enterprises achieve profit through innovation.